Friday, February 3, 2017

Yes, I Am "Marching"!

      Yes, I am "Marching", but my husband is borrowing a wheelchair for me since I can barely walk now.  I'm determined to participate, and not be left behind like I was for The Women's March.  I'm hoping I can do this.  Still I have to convince my husband to push me, a friend offered, but I'd like him to do it and be with me.  He's like why are we doing this?  I tried to explain that we would be one of thousands and the numbers count, so we can persuade others to change and for change to really happen.  If we don't try, we have lost before we've begun.

     On the personal front they changed my doctor's date and moved it up 2 months.  I got stuck in a parking lot trying to walk over to my knitting group.  My leg freezes up, feels dislocated with pain.  Lots of it.  I was stuck for almost an hour before my husband came to get me.  He went to the doctor's office to talk to them after dropping me home and they upped the date by almost 2 months (it was April!).

   So root for me now that I get the surgery to make me better, which stops the pain immediately, that day!  Rehabbing my leg will take longer, but to know I have the hope of getting better is awesome!  So here's hoping I get the surgery before Trump cuts off the Extended Medicaid in our State.  Who will win?  Me and my leg or...I can't even say it.

Later Post - Very Random Thoughts - I had my appointment, details here, but it was the night after the appointment so I'm trying to grapple with the, let's say non-results. I don't have a back issue, in the sense not bad enough for surgery. So my imaginary quick fix isn't happening.  I seem to have a hip issue. I'm waiting for x-ray results and I need to find an Ortho-Neuro doctor that will take Medicaid, not an easy task. I feel like I've started over.  I'm also concerned Trump will get into an Executive Order mood and pull funds to the Extended Medicaid patients. I believe in hope, but I'm trying to grapple with the reality that this might be my reality, pain and not being able to walk much, I use a cane in a small apartment that I'm grateful it's not bigger. To me freeing myself of the expectations of being perfectly well again, I think is good. While hope is wonderful, false hope can be deadly.  I want to be thankful for the small steps, maybe less pain, or walking a bit better, or making it down the road to hike, just a bit on my favorite trail. Who cares if it's just a little around the bend.

So hopefully

I will

well with wheels...

I REALLY want to march. 

Starting to knit on my protest hat today - updates will come in

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